Centre Location : Busia

Alupe Centre is situated in Busia County at latitude N 0o 29I 50II, longitude E 340 7I 31II and altitude 1,010 m. It is 9 km from Busia town along Busia Malava main road. The centre is about 200 acres and serves mostly smallholder farmers in the region comprising Bungoma, Siaya and Busia counties. The majority of farmers engage in cultivation of multiple crops as well as rearing of domestic livestock.


Centre Location : Narok

Beef Research Centre, Transmara is located in Narok County, 35 km South West of Kilgoris town and four kilometers east of Lolgorian town Centre in Transmara sub county.he research activities going  on at the Centre are  Sahiwal cattle breeding  program, Red Maasai sheep breeding, and apiary management programs. The farmers in this area are largely agro pastoralists who mainly depend on livestock for their livelihoods.

Ol Joro Orok

Centre Location : Nyandarua

KALRO-Ol Joro orok is a dairy Centre under Dairy Research Institute-Naivasha in the new organizational structure of Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). Today the centre is a main testing site for technologies that are suitable and adaptable in the cold highlands characterised by low temperatures and occasional frost.

Besides research, the centre has consistently been producing seeds and clean planting material and availing the same to farmers to improve their farm productivity. The seed material include potato, High Altitude Composite (HAC) maize, Oats, sweet lupins, Vetch, Desmodium and head smut disease resistant Napier grass varieties.

The centre has also been selling breeding rams of Corriedale and Hampshiredown breeds to farmers to upgrade their sheep.


Centre Location : Nakuru

KALRO-Lanet is situated on latitude 0° 18¢W and longitude 36°09¢E, 1920 metres above sea level in Lanet Location, Dundori Division of Nakuru North Sub County.It is about 16 km South East of Nakuru Municipality and occupies 1,418 hectares of land of which 20% is in ecological zone three and 80% in ecological zone four. The rainfall pattern at Lanet is bimodal with an annual mean of 800mm and a relative humidity of 83%. The mean minimum and maximum temperatures are 10°C and 26°C respectively.

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