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They include legume seeds, sweet potato vines, cassava cuttings and brachiaria splits, which are hard to find in local agrovets. Quality seeds are a prerequisite for achieving higher yields

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"Hardy meat goats with potential for milk production. Does can reach 45kgs liveweight and bucks 60kgs. Capable of producing 1 litre of milk per day."

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Green gram (Vigna radiata) belonging to the Fabaceae family is an annual leguminous crop which is grown for its seeds, which are a high source of nutrients.

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Camel Research and development in Kenya

For camels there are no organic guidelines and regulation, however the organic principles should be respected, kept and practiced.

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Aquaculture: Pathway to food security in Kenya...by Andrew Marriott and Odipo Osano


Making Sorghum Beverage


John Deo


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Sorghum is an important food crop in many parts of Kenya, providing livelihoods to more than 3 million people. It is rich in calories, has vitamin B and essential amino-acids.
• Roasted ground sorghum flour
• Water
• Milk (if desired)
• Sugar to taste
• Sieve
1. Sort and clean the sorghum grain.
2. Roast until golden brown (without burning).
3. Grind size No.4 using coffee grinder or   traditional grinding stone.
4. Boil water, add 3 tablespoons of roasted ground flour.
5. Let it boil until golden brown.
6. Add milk and let it boil.
7. Sieve and keep the residues.8. Serve the beverage hot