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KALRO Avocado Varieties

They include legume seeds, sweet potato vines, cassava cuttings and brachiaria splits, which are hard to find in local agrovets. Quality seeds are a prerequisite for achieving higher yields

KALRO certified seeds

"Hardy meat goats with potential for milk production. Does can reach 45kgs liveweight and bucks 60kgs. Capable of producing 1 litre of milk per day."

Dairy and Beef farming

Green gram (Vigna radiata) belonging to the Fabaceae family is an annual leguminous crop which is grown for its seeds, which are a high source of nutrients.

Green Gram Production

Camel Research and development in Kenya

For camels there are no organic guidelines and regulation, however the organic principles should be respected, kept and practiced.

KEMFRI Fishery Aquaculture

Aquaculture: Pathway to food security in Kenya...by Andrew Marriott and Odipo Osano


Development of climate smart grass varieties for reseeding the ASALS

Inadequate feed resources continue to be a big constraint to livestock production, particularly in ASALs of Kenya. One of the main challenges to increasing feed resources in the ASALs is unavailability of certified seed. This has paved the way for informal seed systems of wild grass ecotypes. The only way to improve seed availability and increase fodder production is through development and release of certified seed that can be traded in formal seed markets. Under ASAL APRP, four promising ecotypes lines were identified that are drought tolerant, high leafy biomass, palatable and nutritious to livestock for further evaluation and release. Besides yield trials, the project will establish tolerance levels of these ecotypes to grazing and water scarcity, their nutritional quality and seed production traits. The following sub-activities are proposed.

  • Evaluation and selection of promising ecotypes for desirable traits (high yield, drought tolerant , palatability, and nutrition)
  • National performance trials and DUS tests
  • on station feeding trials
  • Seed bulking
  •  Registration and release of varieties