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They include legume seeds, sweet potato vines, cassava cuttings and brachiaria splits, which are hard to find in local agrovets. Quality seeds are a prerequisite for achieving higher yields

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"Hardy meat goats with potential for milk production. Does can reach 45kgs liveweight and bucks 60kgs. Capable of producing 1 litre of milk per day."

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Green gram (Vigna radiata) belonging to the Fabaceae family is an annual leguminous crop which is grown for its seeds, which are a high source of nutrients.

Green Gram Production

Camel Research and development in Kenya

For camels there are no organic guidelines and regulation, however the organic principles should be respected, kept and practiced.

KEMFRI Fishery Aquaculture

Aquaculture: Pathway to food security in Kenya...by Andrew Marriott and Odipo Osano


Development of a tissue culture protocol for rapid multiplication of cashewnut planting materials 

Another key constraint in cashew nut production is inadequate supply of quality planting materials. The current methods of propagation involve use of seed and grafted seedlings. These methods are slow and hence it is not easy to disseminate large quantities of planting materials required to revive the aging plantations. One of the techniques that could be used for rapid propagations of suitable varieties is tissue culture. However currently there is no tissue culture protocol for propagation of cashew. The project proposes to develop a tissue culture based protocol for rapid multiplication of cashew nut planting materials. The main aim is to improve cashew productivity and hence positively contribute to increased agricultural revenues and food security for the farmers in the target region. The following sub activity is proposed:

  • Laboratory evaluation and validation of propagation media for root and shoot regeneration
  • Evaluation of hardening media for tissue culture plantlets
  • Field testing (establishment) of tissue cultured plantlets
  • Registration and roll out of protocol