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They include legume seeds, sweet potato vines, cassava cuttings and brachiaria splits, which are hard to find in local agrovets. Quality seeds are a prerequisite for achieving higher yields

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"Hardy meat goats with potential for milk production. Does can reach 45kgs liveweight and bucks 60kgs. Capable of producing 1 litre of milk per day."

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Green gram (Vigna radiata) belonging to the Fabaceae family is an annual leguminous crop which is grown for its seeds, which are a high source of nutrients.

Green Gram Production

Camel Research and development in Kenya

For camels there are no organic guidelines and regulation, however the organic principles should be respected, kept and practiced.

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Aquaculture: Pathway to food security in Kenya...by Andrew Marriott and Odipo Osano


Development of disease tolerant green gram varieties for improved food security, nutrition and livelihood in marginal areas of Kenya

Green gram is a drought tolerant crop and a central income generating agro-enterprise in semi-arid Kenya ranking second after indigenous chicken. On-farm yield is <1 t//ha. Low production is attributed to biotic (anthracnose, angular leaf spot, mung bean yellow mosaic virus, bacterial blight) and abiotic factors. Insufficient farmers’ knowledge of crop management options is also a major limitation. Under ASAL APRP support,  KALRO recently developed and released three varieties that are early maturing, large seeded with >20% yield advantage over the local varieties. However, these varieties have shown susceptibility to major green gram diseases. There is therefore need to extend genetic gains to value addition of disease tolerance in the newly released varieties. The following sub-activities are proposed;

  • Identify disease tolerant donor parent for use in green gram breeding programme
  • Develop high yielding, market acceptable disease tolerant varieties
  • Develop and validate agronomic packages for field management of green grams