KCSAP Training of Trainers (Extension Service Providers)

Catalyzing Adoption of Climate Smart TIMPs

The link between component 2 sub-component 2.1 - Supporting Climate-Smart Agricultural Research and Innovations, and Component 1 – Up-scaling Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices, is through inventorization of technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPs) both existing and new, and transfer to extension service providers.  The transfer of TIMPs is achieved through development of training manuals, aligned to the inventorized TIMPs for all the 13 value chains and mounting training of key service providers in the 24 project counties.

The training is structured in the form of modules covering specific aspects addressed by the TIMPs available. Example is given for TOT training on TIMPs for dairy value chain, where modules have been developed to cover (i) breeding & improvement (ii) feeds and feeding (iii) value addition, (iv) animal health (v) manure mgt and bioenergy (vii) cost benefit analysis (viii) etc. The training exposes the service providers to the latest information that is aimed at improving the performance of the value chains.

The strategy is that the TOTs will then train farmers (crop, livestock and fish producers) on the climate smart TIMPs to improve on productivity, be more resilient to climatic shocks and mitigate against greenhouse gas emission.